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Who we are

Ideal is an industry leading broadcast and media systems integrator in Asia Pacific, founded in 1989. We are renowned for providing innovative systems solutions, studio design and system consultancy services to the broadcasting sector, as well as, Telecoms, Enterprise, Government and Educational institutions. 

Where we are

Our operation covers an expansive region of 9 countries with 11 offices in Asia Pacific. We are headquartered in Hong Kong, and based in most major cities including Beijing, Guangzhou, Bangkok, Mumbai, New Delhi, Tokyo, Singapore, Taipei, Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta.

What we do

We have built TV Broadcast Facilities, which include DTH Platforms, more than 100 Fully-Designed Studios and PCR installations, countless Post Production facilities and Playout Centres. We develop the trust with our suppliers to cater to hundreds of returning clients.

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